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ISAAR 2013

13-15 March 2013
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Plenary keynote lectures
Category Tentative Title Speaker
Major Resistance Problems The US NIH/NIAID Antimicrobial Resistance Research
Efforts: Opportunities for the Global Community
Dennis Dixon
The Impact of Emerging Diagnostic Techniques on
Clinical Infectious Diseases

Robert Moellering
Resistance in gram-negatives; the saga renews
David Livermore
Treatment of Major Infections /
Prevention of Resistance
Developing novel antimicrobials: is there any hope? Karen Bush
Transformative Proteomics in the Clinical Microbiology
Laboratory: MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry
Robin Patel
Staphylococcus aureus: a model of microbial adaptation
to antibiotics
Keiichi Hiramatsu

Strategies to Control
Antimicrobial Resistance

Future strategies to control antimicrobial resistance in Asia Jae-Hoon Song
Global collaborations in tackling antimicrobial resistance Victor Lim
How to fix the antibiotics pipeline? David Shlaes
Session Tentative Topic Speaker
13 March (Wednesday /09:00 - 11:00)
Session 1
Pneumococcal resistance in the era of conjugate vaccines
Evolution of serotypes, invasive diseases and resistance Ron Dagan
Current epidemiology of pneumococcal resistance: is it worsening? So Hyun Kim
Invasive pneumococcal disease and clinical implication of antimicrobial resistance in the conjugate vaccine era Cheng-Hsun Chiu
Session 2
From MRSA to VRSA: a half-century evolution
Clinical relevance of hVISA: is it a real threat? Benjamin Howden
What do molecular epidemiological studies on CAMRSA tell us? Keryn Christiansen
MIC Creep: Does it Exist? Ian Gould
Session 3
Carbapenem resistance in gram negatives
Carbapenem resistance in Enterobacteriaceae David Livermore
Carbapenem resistance in non-fermenters Po-Ren Hsueh
Public health implications of carbapenam resistant enterobacteriaceae Suresh Kumar
13 March (Wednesday /15:50 - 17:30)
Session 4
Resistance issues in the community: Nowhere to hide
Fluoroquinolone resistance in urinary pathogens Pak Leung Ho
ESBL-producing Enterobacteriaceae: alarm calls from Asia Abdul Ghafur
Macrolide resistance in mycoplasma species: how do we treat a typical pneumonia? Bin Cao PR
Major issues of antimicrobial resistance in children Ritu Banerjee
Session 5
Clinical Microbiology Lab: what's new in the future?
Challenges in clinical interpretation of antimicrobial susceptibility tests Tse Hsien Koh
Molecular detection of resistance genes Franklin Cockerill
Rapid diagnosis of sepsis and other severe infections Hui Wang PR
Session 6
MDR / XDR Acinetobacter - the rise of a new saga
Global emergence of MDR/XDR Acinetobacter spp. Po-Ren Hsueh
Genetic mechanisms of MDR/XDR in Acinetobacter spp. Harald Seifert
Treatment options for MDR/XDR in Acinetobacter spp. Paul Tambyah
Session Tentative Topic Speaker
14 March (Thursday / 09:00 - 11:00)
Session 7
(Interactive) Treatment updates on tropical diseases
Case trops ofical infections (1) Timothy William
Cases of tropical infections (2) Visanu Thamlitkitkul
Cases of tropical infections (3) Cheng-Hsun Chiu
Session 8
(Interactive) Device associated infections
Case: Prosthetic joint infection Robin Patel
Case: Catheter-associated urinary tract infection Paul Tambyah
Case: Catheter related blood stream infection John Turnidge
Session 9
(Interactive) Treatment of HIV/AIDS - an update
Case: Second-line treatment options Adeeba Kamarulzaman
Case: When to start ART after active opportunistic infections Ban Hock Tan
Case: TB and HIV Somnuek Sungkanuparph
14 March (Thursday / 15:50 - 17:30)
Session 10
(Interactive) Treatment of resistant Gram-positive infections including new antimicrobial
Case: Hospital Acquired Pneumonia - MRSA pneumonia Petrick Periyasamy
Case: Persistent MRSA bacteremia Ian Gould
Case: VRE sepsis Robin Patel
Session 11
(Interactive) Treatment of resistant Gram-negative infections including new antimicrobial

Case: Carbapenem-resistant K. pneumoniae sepsis David Livermore
Case: Community-acquired ESBL-producing E. coli UTI Abdul Ghafur
Case: XDR/PDR Acinetobacter HAP Jien-Wei Liu
Session 12
(Interactive) Treatment of fungal infections including new antifungal agents

Case: Candida infection Thomas Patterson
Case: Invasive apergillosis Kian Meng Chang
Case: Cryptococcal infection Methee Chayakulkeeree
Session  Tentative Topic Speaker
15 March (Friday / 09:00 - 11:00)
Session 13
Antibiotic stewardship: where are we?
Antimicrobial stewardship: why, what and how? Stephan Harbarth
Asian perspectives: brief introduction of Asian programs Yonghong Xiao PR
Doo Ryeon Chung
Victor Lim
Celia Carlos
Li Yang Hsu
Session 14
PK/PD of colistin Johan Mouton
Mathematical modeling Vincent Tam
PK/PD in the critically ill John Turnidge
Individual dosing of antibiotics in Asians based on PK/PD Sungmin Kiem
Session 15
New vaccines on the horizon
Staphylococcus aureus vaccine Jean Lee
Future of pneumococcal vaccines Raul Isturiz
Bionanosome-based vaccines for the protection against superbacterial infection Yoon-Keun Kim
15 March (Friday /15:10 - 16:50)
Session 16
Policies and regulations to control resistance
Strategies to control AMR in the AP region from the viewpoint of WPRO (or WHO) Hendrik Bekedam
How to control antibiotic abuse in the clinical practice? Christopher Lee
How to implement policies and regulations to control antibiotic resistance? Shu-Hui Tseng 
How to control antibiotic abuse in the animal husbandry? Stephen W Page
How to implement policies and regulations to control antibiotic resistance in animal husbandry? Yong Ho Park
Session 17
Clinical and economic impact of antimicrobial resistance
Clinical impact of antimicrobial resistance Yehuda Carmeli
Economic impact of antimicrobial resistance Sara Cosgrove
Economic impact of antimicrobial resistance: How to evaluate? Tae-Jin Lee
Session 18
Infection control of resistant pathogens
Controlling antibiotic resistance in the community Wing Hong Seto
Antibiotic stewardship and infection control: Can they contain NDM-1? Anucha Apisarnthanarak
Infection control in hospitals: how much do we need active surveillance? Stephan Harbarth
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