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2011 APEC project - Completion Report APFID

Our international project proposal entitled "International initiatives to control antimicrobial resistance in the Asia-Pacific region“  was accepted for APEC support in Dec 2010. 

Given the serious clinical and economic impact of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in the Asia-Pacific (AP) region, the main objective of the project was to prepare the future strategies for control and prevention of AMR in the AP region by organizing the Strategic Focus Group (SFG) and the Expert Forum to discuss the current issues on AMR and to explore solutions to AMR in the region.

The APEC project was successfully completed in 2011 by 1) establishment of the first international group (SFG) consisting of multi-sectoralexperts from private and government sectors in the AP region, 2) organization of Expert Forum twice in April and October, 2011, respectively, in Seoul, Korea, and 3) development of Strategic Action Plan to control and prevent AMR in the region.

Strategic Action Plan to control and prevent AMR in the AP region was successfully developed by SFG and prepared based on Expert Forum. The future strategies will be published in an international medical journal to disseminate the information and contents of the strategies and will also be submitted to APEC as an official document of APEC project in due course.

Attached is the completion report of the APEC project submitted to APEC in 2011.

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